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In Music

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We are a full service artist management & creative agency based in Berlin.

We help you to communicate your voice in the music world and establish a strong brand as an artist. We are experts in all aspects of the music business and can support you in both business and creative matters. For more than 10 years we have been shaping the career of international pianist and composer Maria Baptist. In addition, we have realized many small and large projects for artists at the beginning or in the midst of their career.


Creating the best strategy to take your career to the next level.

Marketing & PR

We help you to communicate the uniqueness of your music.

Social Media

Content & media strategy for social media channels.


Individual and customized expert coaching for your music career.

Photo- & Videography

Creating and realizing unique and impressive videos and photos.


Creation of websites, booklets, posters & flyers.

Beyond the urban birds

Anna Stark, founder of URBAN BIRDS.

Born 1982, Berliner since 2002.

First camera at the age of 8, since then an ongoing passion for photography.

Studied Economics & Marketing in Berlin (TU) & Singapore (NUS) followed by internships and jobs at well-known and unknown media companies.

Startet a professional career as a business consultant at one of the leading tech consulting companies (Capgemini SE). Then Investor Relationship Manager at Europe’s largest publishing house (Axel Springer AG). Finally Managing Director in an online start-up music company (tape tv). Founded URBAN BIRDS 2010. 

And during free time? feeding birds (of course), Meditation (every day), Sports (a lot), Netflix (too much), my wife (never enough)!

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