We are an international boutique artist agency based in Berlin. Adaption is the number one tactic for city birds to thrive. Urban Birds Artists likewise develops innovative strategies for our clients to succeed in the music industry. 

We cover the entire field of music management and act as consultants, personal brand specialists, fundraisers and artist managers. Our work is based on many years of international experience in the development and marketing of solo artists, ensembles and orchestras in the jazz, classical and crossover genres. We serve as partners to artists, ensembles and orchestras as well as to concert organizers and festivals.


01 Strategy Consulting

02 Creation of funding & grant concepts

03 Personal / Ensemble Branding

04 Artist & Project Management

05 Tour Booking

06 Copywriting

07 Content Marketing

Case studies

Available on request

I Artist management for a top-class pianist and composer

II Creation of a long-term funding concept for a crossover orchestra

III Brand development for an emerging composer

IV Marketing consulting for a multiple award-winning vocal ensemble

V Project management for a publicly funded orchestra

About us

Since 2010, Urban Birds has organized over 1,000 concerts worldwide, raised third-party funding for over 25 projects and worked with over 100 clients. We build on a network of creative specialists like designers, labels, local promoters, photographers, publishers and studios. 
Founder Anna Stark is a former strategy consultant who, after studying economics in Berlin and Singapore, worked for Europe’s largest management consultancy for many years.


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